First update from Kenya

Welcome to our first update:

We had different flights so we got to Nairobi either 2pm or 10pm on Friday. The first night, we stayed at Shalom House, a place where we’re always welcome. In the morning, we had the sweetest jam. We went to the store to exchange our money into shillings and get any last minute things: so we’ll be sharing toilet paper, chargers, hand soaps, lots of things that will bring us closer together. At the BluePost hotel, there were crocodiles, snakes and a brown waterfall because of the soil. We waited quite a while for our food then got going to the Children and Youth Empowerment Centre.

Later on Saturday, we got to the CYEC, where we already loved petting the cows and going down into the shamba. Some of us go to the shamba every day. Have you ever been up at 4:30 in the morning? Some of us got up to see how Peter milks the cows. Alex also got to milk the cow. After going back to sleep, some of us had breakfast 7:30am. Usually breakfast is 7:30am, lunch is 1:30pm, and supper is 6:30pm. There was the choice to go to Catholic or Protestant mass so we went with the youth. It was 3 hours at the Catholic one.

Sunday was futbol day. It was a long game. Sjoerd was in his gear and CYEC Sarah was one of the girls who played with the boys. Blair, Hanna, Alex, Ben, and Deron tried their hardest out there, too. Can you guess who won? At the end of the night, all the girls had braids, fishtails, and locks. If you look through Nicole’s and Sarah’s phones, there are so many cute selfies with the youth. Chris held a dance workshop where some of the boys on the dance crew got to teach and Kirsty Nicole also taught and performed her styles.

We are starting our first week here with a lot of hard work and meetings. Bernard was happy to meet with us for 2 hours as the business team prepared for the night. Vanessa has worked with him before. Some of the students went to town that day. Tom walked all the way to town and back. We were worried about him but then again…it’s Tom. A chameleon climbed on Janelle’s arm. We met Sam in town and he is one of the many volunteers we’ll be seeing a lot.

The business team had a successful hour and a half workshop. We all played a “Guess the animal” game then went through our core values and mission statement. Many of the youth were so brave to get up and share what they liked to do and what they want to do in the future.

It’s Tuesday now and the agriculture team will be going into town to see who Peter sells to and buys from. Carrie and Blair are excited to meet with another team member coming on Thursday. Sadly Carrie has not gotten her luggage from the airport yet. One half of our group went to Othaya in the morning and the other half will go in the afternoon. More updates to come as we continue to play snake (Ben has the highest score), meet, eat, dance, go into town, and play with the youth.

-Kirsty Nicole


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  1. Omg!!! My dear sister Carrie…i cannot believe the luggage part…same thing happened to me when i went there…took 3 days!!! Grrrrrr! Keep the faith…hope u packed extra undies in ur carry on. Enjoy…love you miss u and cannot wait to hear all about ur adventures!!!

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  2. cedkenya2016 says:

    Awww, no. There’s always a luggage issue while abroad but Carrie was able to get hers eventually. Everyone was also able to help Carrie out. Thank you for following our adventures.


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